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I published a book in 1998 and things went okay. I didn't bother with much marketing so I can't blame low sales on anyone but myself.

But now I am called almost every day by someone who claims to be my "consultant." Yesterday I was called twice by the same person. Today, someone new called. I told them to stop calling me but it seems to do no good.

After reading these reviews I now wonder if I have missed out on some royalties.

I was planning on publishing another book within a few months and will now look elsewhere. Any suggestions?

Review about: Xlibris Publishing Service.

Reason of review: sales calls almost daily.

Preferred solution: Stop calling me....don't call me, I'll call you if I need you!.

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San Francisco, California, United States #914551

The reason is because the company was bought up by a scam company called "Author Solutions". All they do is scam.

And yes Penguin bought Author Solutions to have a second income stream but they ignore it and just let Author Solutions continue to run the scam, One rumour is that they are in league with the Mafia and use the books to launder money for organized crime.

These days all the money in self publishing for AUTHORS is in ebook not print. Print is a waste of time and money, but some people make a lot of money in ebook because the public will try a new author with a cheap ebook.

Google "How to publish on Smashwords".

You can also get books made up in print at Kinkos but no one wants the print books they are too expensive for people to try a new author, and the exciting thing is making money with the ebooks.

Can't you ask the telephone company or police to make them stop the nuissance calls.

The desperate calls are from people in the Phillipines. Author Solutions and Xlibris outsourced all the jobs to the Phillipines where they can get awaywith paying very little to the consultants.

I have read stories from consultants that they drive them hard with threats of losing their job every day demanding they selll sell selll and this is all the company is just a phone bank of people being told to sell, sell ,sell they put almost zero money into anything other than getting credit card numbers and selling everything else they hardly bother with at all. Interpol should be investigating them and the Feds.

to Anonymous #914598

Thank you for your information. Very interesting.

I would block the number but they don't always use the same number, and frankly the police wouldn't be interested as they are not committing any crime by calling.

I do appreciate your info though. I know when the company started the author Piers Anthony was a part of it--I'm sure he would be appalled now.

to duffsmom San Francisco, California, United States #915480

Harassment is actually a crime in many countries. If you've told them to stop calling and they won't stop that's harassment although the police may consider it a minor crime it's still a crime as long as you've actually made it clear you want them to stop.

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