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I need advice xlibris publish my book and I found out there was all kinds of mistakes I can't put it on the market with all the mistakes and also the Mist chapters of my book I was starting to rewrite the book and publisher called me told me not to that Hollywood writer is going to take over and for me to pay so much money for them to pay and they would go ahead and make my book into a movie it is the truth a true story or or is this a scam

Product or Service Mentioned: Xlibris Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Xlibris is quite an expert when it comes to always go out of their way to deleting, concealing, blocking visitors who had deceitful experiences with them from admittance to post any legitimate and valid concerns on Facebook, or anywhere else to avert lousy profile-raising. Their number one objective is to conceal their awful reputation ultimately, so they can keep luring more new authors which revamp money in their pipeline.It is quite bewildering that after over 300 complaints of dishonest tactics with countless authors whom they’ve significantly double-crossed, they’re still in business which unfortunately gives them the leeway to con more unsuspected authors continuously.

What a disgrace and how is it that after swindling over $1 million through their fake promises with fancy sales pitches where my $25,000 is among the stated sum, no has yet brought an action lawsuit.

Why don’t I? I’ve been all day reading most of their bad reviews to thoroughly determine how many of them are legit before I can conclusively decide since I’m presently per-occupied sorting out my five upcoming unpublished manuscripts.My Contact is:


Its gotta be a scam. It all sounded too good to be true. I spoke with a consultant earlier, and caught her in a possible lie after doing some research.


Yes, it's a scam company. Do not believe anything they say.