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My book is everywhere and keeps growing each year im sick to my stomach i haven't yet received any royalties

Review about: Xlibris Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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San Francisco, California, United States #918066

While it's true that Xlibris is a scam company who will charge you a fortune when they will never sell your book or pay out, and they will tell a lot of lies to pretend they can sell the book when they cannot, despite all that I do have to say that the fact that your book is available everywhere for sale online doesn't mean it's actually selling copies. It can be for sale in all the online shops without anyone buying it.Because you have to do a search on a shop's site to find the book and other people aren't searching for your book because if it's with Xlibris, Xlibris deliberately sinks a books chances like a stone with overpricing because they get all their money from scamming authors and they don't want a book to sell they don't want to bother having to pay out royalties as they have no one employed to that job, they only employ sales reps to hound wannabe authors to give them money and that is their business model.

They also don't want the books to sell as they are getting money from the Italian Mafia for using the books to launder money for organized crime. So your book costs a fortune and people probably aren't buying it all that much, although if a few buy it Xlbiris will most likely not bother to pay you the money.

When you sign with Xlbiris and give them thousands of dollars, you also agree to only 20% NET royatlies. NET means Xlbiris can claim production costs of anything they like so they can claim that the cost of producing the book ate up any royalties you made anyway, despite the fact that YOU yourself actually paid thousands for the crummiest production of a book, as Xlbiris uses all the cheapest possible materials they can get to make the crappy books.

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