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I purchased a publishing package worth $3000.00, it had all the bells and whistles to get my 1st book started. The Book was published in February 28th 2012 they congratulated me ,my head was big as a balloon.

I told all my friends and family they passed on that I wrote a book. The books were in e-book, hard copy and soft copy versions. I even purchased an e-book myself. I was supposed to have received 2 royalty payments, I received one for $12.00 only.

The statement had a few purchased books on it and it didn't make any sense to me. I called Xlibris several times, each time I got a person on the other line not sure what to tell me, but they assured me they'd straighten out my situation.

I had many call backs from Xlibris trying to sell me more of their packages, I refused to buy anything else until i found out were my royalty earnings went. I am totally bummed out about this, I put a lot of work into my book.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xlibris Publishing Service.

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I've had a children's book published in 2010 and have not recurved one dime in royalties!


we need to all file a lawsuit against this company that steals people royalties...and mess up their book these crooks have done too many people like this , they are making money off of us Authors and putting it in their pockets. when I talked to them try to say I did not have any royalties left.

then they even let other people post stuff on your author page and pretend like they are the Author. We need help, I hope an lawyer is reading this.



Yes this company is a rip off...they have stolen all my royalties also since 2012 DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM..THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY...AND MESS UP YOUR BOOK ALSO.... they even tried to get another book from me. no way I would ever fool with these crooks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a book published with xlibris also. They did not rip you off. You only got $12 in royalties because your book did not sell well.


Wow so sad... It makes me not want to get published by them..


They did me the same way. They got more femu book than I did and I still haven't gotten anything!

Plus now I can't even check out my royalties! So it is there probably selling left and right and I have no way of knowing it!!!!


My friend Jeanne published her first book with Prashanti press. they paid her 5.000 up front, and paid for a book tour across 7 states. Call a lawyer because you got screwed big time.


Me too!I keep seeing all the various book venues that are selling my books and I get nothing!

I just don't know what to do....I live on a fixed income and cannot afford to sue! Perhaps enough of of us ripped off authors can form some sort of co-op and sue these bastards.


I am currently having the same problem. I know for a fact that I sold more books than they have listed, and my royalties are supposed to be higher.


Why remain anonymous?

My name is Willie Price and I have self published 2 books with Xlibris and have been ripped off on both books.I need the royalties they ripped me off of!

We need to collectively find a way to get our money!


yes they have done me the same way do dot do business with this company for they will take your royalities and put in there own pocket and will mess up your book

with a lot of errors....RUN...RUN..RUN...FROM THIS SORRY COMPANY................


I published with them in 2010, never saw anything! When I called they said something about payment of my book having to sell $25.00 within a quarter in order to receive a check...they've called as well...no thank you. It's a shame!


Yes you need to cancel your credit card immediately and get a new credit card as Xlibiris are well known for stealing from the credit card numbers they have just charging for whatever random stuff they can think of that you never asked for. They are c-on men and thieves.


Friday 7th November 2014

Hi Kitten

It is true, you are not the only one who has fallen under the spell of Xlibris Publishing. Please do yourself a big favour, stop your pennies rolling their way, close your Credit Card, terminate your contract with Xlibris.

The proof is in the pudding, so extract yourself from their hold over you. Hopefully in the near future, all who have been scammed by Xlibris can get together and bring this matter to justice for all concerned. We are not hyperbole or detractors, but fools with our modest ambition which we wanted so much to share with the world. Unfortunately each one of us entrusted our goodwill to Xlibris Publishing.

When will Xlibris see the error of their ways and repent? it is never too late.

@The Fool

Yes you need to cancel your credit card immediately and get a new credit card as Xlibiris are well known for stealing from the credit card numbers they have just charging for whatever random stuff they can think of that you never asked for. They are c-on men and thieves.


I had the same problem. I sold a few books from them and only got a check for 2.


I won't even go through them again. I use lulu.com, its free and the best self publishing place ever.


thanks for that mr/mrs Anonymous,

i shall try lulu.com, i must admit i have been pestered by them for over 4 years, and glad i never gave them one cent of my money now. yours and other reviews have saved my thousands.



Tan can you cancel your credit card so the payment to the thieves won't go through?


This is NOT how you publish a book! If you pay you get scammed.

Your book needs to be good enough that a real agent or editor at a publishing house wants it, then THEY will pay YOU and you will never pay one penny.

If you can't do that then you can make money with your book by submitting it completely for free to Kobo writing life to be made into an ebook.

Ebooks from self published writers can sell but print books from self published writers almost never sell any copies.

Xilbris is a heartless cruel rubbish scam that no one should be fooled by.


Tan you have been scammed and please don't pay them one more penny ever. There is probably nothing you can do to get your money back.

My elderly father tried to get his money back and they promised him he would get it back it was in his contract that he could have a refund if he wanted, but they kept lying pretending they sent a check that he never got and they blocked his phone number and mine from rining their offices and they just kept telling him he had to speak to a different person in the company about it but they just kept nearly $4000 for literally nothing, and just kept lying that the check had been sent. Then they said "oh what did you do with the check did you lose it?" They just keep lying they are highly trained in co-n-artistry.