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In 2014 I had begun writing a true to life novel, "Decade of Sorrow" info is stored on two different thumb drives.

The writing took five years to finish (7-8 rewrites) 2018.

In June of 2018, I was involved in a motorcycle accident that nearly took my lower right leg. Five invasive surgeries later, I have hope that I may be able to walk normally.

In between these surgeries, I had contacted Xlibris Publishing regarding publishing my Biography.

Little did I know of any negative info on this Predator Publishing company (or lack of company)

Luis Black, Monica Gomez, Benji Gray; as well as others were very nice and encouraging of my book.

Over the months of surgery, pain, and pain medication, I would get calls from Xlibris Publishing would call me and paint great pictures of my book being so good, that a movie could be in the works for my book.

All they did was play on my emotions and drug-induced weakness and preyed on my bank account.

These people have no soul, no shame, nor do they adhere to anything that is common human decency.

I suspect that they are based in the Philippines.

My soon to be Philippine wife is a naturalized citizen, who will be going to her home country, to visit family, but also to try and locate where these predators.

I have other books (4 or 5) that are complete or near completion, you can bet your hind-parts Xlibris nor any self-publishing trap will have the privilege of publishing these books!!!

Unfortunately, no honest self-publishing house will get to see them either!!!

Interpol should be prowling the internet wires, arresting this lousy despicable piles of excrement!!

Let it go loud and far around the world that they will pay! One way or another they will pay by the pound of flesh or pounds of cash.

The vise grip jaws of a German/American PitBull

Reason of review: Xlibris stole my self written Biography and attempted to pass it off to another self publishing house..

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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