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Pretty much what I suspect after having published with Xlibris then re-formatting the original book and re-issuing it. I take responsibility for the writing and the illustrations.

First time out the layout was LOUSY and it was not clear that it would be as it turned out in the end. Lots of lessons learned; most of my contact people were clearly salespeople but I don't think they ever lied....although I also did not let them say things without questioning them repeatedly. Any errors in what was said versus what I heard are mine for not being thorough enough. The Layout people and one person who was involved in supervising the re-issue were idiots, lazy and non-responsive tending to ignore something I required until I repeated it 3-4 times or went over their heads, but I got past that and ended up with the book I wanted from the start.

I learned more about writing and demanding quality work, it's the best it can be and I'll move on to try to find a "real" publisher with a sequel. But I do question that not a single copy of my book was sold....Early on at the author's site there was a large purchase disappeared and I was told repeatedly that so sorry none have been purchased. Now, seeing all the complaints along the same lines I wonder and so I'm glad there is a class action lawsuit about non-payment of royalties. And yes, I shall move on with publishing my next story with more knowledge about publishing and with professional advice even if I have to pay for it up front to get my book evaluated.

The editing and review were very good, the artist was wonderful....I had my book looked at by someone who knows such things and they agreed with what was written by the copy and line editor at Xlibris....but that was mostly to say it was without any major grammatical or other errors. I do agree that either the book was too expensive, or not targeted well enough at my "audience", or maybe it really is junk...but that week or so when it showed a bulk order which then disappeared makes me wonder.

I think that the writer above spoke from the heart, made no claim to BEING a writer, but provided a lot of useful information that fit what I experienced from Xlibris personnel. I am personally exasperated when people complain because someone has an accent....even so I never had trouble understanding what was said and while I experienced a costly lesson this time, I learned enough to work hard to find an agent and editor for next time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xlibris Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Royalty Payments.

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