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I sent my book to Xlibris in 2009 for publication. After the review book copy was sent to me, the graphics were blurry and I refused to publish.

After being charged for them to "fix" their work I've still not published it yet - at least not with my authorization. The company published my book all over the internet, copies were sold but I haven't received a penny in revenue. Used copies of my book have been advertised for sell.

They've sold it with my former name which was one of the changes made. My attorney is on standby.

Reason of review: Fraud by Xlibris.

Monetary Loss: $7500.

Preferred solution: My book to be published - ALL proceeds are provided to me PLUS ALL REVENUE FROM ILLEGAL SALE OF BOOK. PLUS A REFUND..

Xlibris Cons: Printed my book no consent, Stole all proceeds, Didnt ask permission to print, Sold online all over country, Werent authorized to print, Took my material as if their own, Given me run around for 5 years, Took my money and scammed me.

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Good job keeping your attorney on standby, now call so they can get this taken care of for you. Good luck


Xlibris sucks! *** those crookers!


Xlibris Scam!