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Yes , I went for the entire package over 3 thousand. And spent another 3 thousand to have my books printed in order to sell them myself.However, I have discovered that other venues have been selling my books via Xlibris and I have not received any royalties from these sales.

I'm mad as *** and need the support from other "mad as ***" authors to join me "collectively" to file a suit against this fraudulent company.In order to collect your hard earned royalty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xlibris Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Xlibris Pros: Value of basic publishing package, Ripp off, Value for money.

Xlibris Cons: Do not use xlibris, Simply horrendous, Fake marketing program.

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Hi. As a writer, I can empathize with your comments in regards to not getting royalties for the hard work you put into creating your beautiful novels.

But I will say this: In the writing world these kind of companies are called vanity presses. In fact, well known published authors advice to stay away, far away from these companies. You DO NOT pay a company thousands of dollars to publish your novels when you can either self-publish (far cheaper), or send your manuscript to publishing companies in hopes of getting it published. I'm working on a novel right now, and just like you, I thought I would have to pay someone to publish my novel, until I came across articles from well known sources that do want you to consider not to use these kind of companies.

They're only after one goal: getting your money. You'll spend far less money by self-publishing than having to pay one of these companies. One thing I recommend is to educate yourself, do some research before you give your money away.

Join writing groups on Facebook (there's plenty of those, and in many groups you'll find editors, publishers, agents, cover designers). With that said, I wish you all the best in your writing.


Hello Williep,

We have had the same experience...

Many, many other book sellers have our book, Theo's Dream and we have received no roylaties in years!

I know many people that have purchased our $ in roylaties. Every book I received royalties from early on I personally signed.

Now you can buy my book new and/or used on-line and I had several freinds do that just to "check up" on Xlibris and guess what, many of the used books friends purchased were NOT signed by me. Instead they were signed by others! I want my royalties which are going to be significant and Xlibris needs to PAY!!!!!

XLIBRIS = Major Rip off!

Pino & Michelle Y. Failla


I have the same issue with them. I wrote a children's book and use the same company and I spent over 2000 with them and then another almost 4000 printing.

I haven't seen one red cent from them.

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