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My net loss was at least $10,500

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Why I would never use Xlibris Again. My name is Rev.

Dr. Duane A Martin. I have published a work of poetry with Xlibris to promote it and have been disappointed to the point of disgust.

I believed that I was working with a good self-publishing company that would promote and sell it to as many as possible. My experience, however, led me down a pathway of failure, not mine but theirs at my expense.

They said they were happy to publish my work & showed much optimism, which furthered my interest in making my work a success, but the results spelled out FAILURE.

After spending around $13,000.00 with them to promote it through various campaigns that they kept selling me. Trade shows and emails sent out, to supposedly 1 million people that they called a "Targeted Audience." Now how could they find 1 million people who are interested in poetry is beyond me, i.e."Targeted Audience." I paid for it to go out the second time in hopes that it would really make it a success, for which, by the way, I didn't receive an email.

I was sold on the possibilities. NOT ONE SINGLE BOOK WAS SOLD THAT WAY. I can't help but doubt that with 2 million emails there would not be at least one buyer.

I spent maybe $1,800 twice for the trade shows and tried to back out on the 2nd because I went to one and my book was buried with a lot more books on the shelves. They wouldn't let me back out so I was stuck with an additional payment. All they did was put my book on eBay, and on internet platforms, which I could have done myself.

Another major failure, on their part, was to price my book out of the market. Nobody want's to spend $20 on a soft-back book of poetry and $40 on a hardback.

I asked them to lower the price but most of the amount of lowering the cost would be out of my royalties.

I hope that this will help someone out there who are just getting started in advising you not to waste your money with them but to select major publishers who may even pay you upfront money plus a good percentage of the royalties, which Xlibris did not.

Most people learn from their mistakes but I had to pay a hefty price to learn this one. I hope you don't have to go through what I did to be totally disappointed. Don't let them tell you that they have a bigger and better change like they told me. They called it their new Modius Operandi.

I wish you well in your writing career,


Dr. Duane A Martin DD

Product or Service Mentioned: Xlibris Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Xlibris Pros: Books i was sent were of decent quality, Published book, That i became an author, Cover looked nice, Customer service and quality of book cove print.

Xlibris Cons: Marketing, Being mislead, Xlibris copy editors are incompetent.

  • Xlibris managers
  • bad sales
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