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A consultant called me. The call lasted just over an hour.

They said that the call was recorded "for quality purposes" Yeah right! If you get a call from this number +44 20 3014 4095 Hang up immediately if you do not want to be pushed around and be insulted. The experience was that the person was very pushy. No matter if I said I wanted to wait, take time to consider the consultant was always trying to slide in with offers.

When I was being more assertive about wanting to wait for awhile so that I could do more research about the publishing company, the caller pulled out a 50% cut on the total publishing cost (what??) As soon as I heard that, is when I knew something was fishy, and completely lost trust in Xlibris publishing legitimacy. The caller even said "I first need to talk with the publisher agent (or whoever it was) to see if you can get the discount" Two minutes later the caller came back and said "yes you can get the discount, but it has to be withing such and such date" The caller was behaving like they were in control and making the decisions for me, and I was just supposed to say "ok, yes" etc. A very unprofessional thing on their part was the voice. One in awhile when I said something the person made scoffing sound under their voice.

This is seriously unprofessional if you are trying to sell anything to a possible paying customer! No, sorry. This caller was way too aggressive in their approach. It is simply a big turn off.

"I do not feel safe in having any financial dealings with Xlibris" is the first impression I got after the long senseless phone-call. So, one more publisher to scratch off my list.

Review about: Xlibris Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Don't deal with XILIBRIS!- they tried to scam me a few times! And are too pushy!

And will harrass u call after call! For u to give in! And fall for their scams!

Stay away from this one!- they are only out to get your money! Not to help u make money!- not at all!- don't be fooled!


I know what u mean!- they tried to scam me too!- just the other day!- asking for my credit card info! And your call is being recorded!

And their so called learning center!- ALC! But I wasn't having it! And said no!-and I'll see the reviews first-! and hung up!

Now after reading some if these bad reviews!- I'm glad I did!

They're a SCAM! For sure!

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