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My recent experience with Xlibris was, unfortunately, not a very positive one. Look around for another company for your publishing needs, since this one leaves a lot to be desired.

They don’t follow instructions well, or efficiently. I’ve sent numerous emails to them for making appropriate changes in my manuscript and they failed repeatedly to address those needs and concerns while trying to impose penalties for alleged errors on my part in an effort to make more money from me. Yet, not being accountable for their own mistakes, they continue to disregard your manuscript and emails you send them as they request. It is my personal opinion that this company will cease to exist in the future, and probably before very long since they have been acquiring a bad reputations across the board from people who have dealt with them.

They are a disaster waiting to happen if you value your book and your body of work.

I don’t recommend working with them since they will ruin your dreams and present you as a failed Author. Your reputation will suffer as a result of their errors. They are recognized for taking and keeping your money, and they have no remorse towards you. They persist in rendering services that are costly and unacceptable.

They do not appreciate their customers because they don’t care. All they see is profit. Customer service and professionalism are sorely lacking, in my experience.

You are forgotten with their “take it or leave it” attitude. ‘We here at Xlibris don’t care, we just want your money!

As much as you want to spend, we will take, but not your concerns. They promise, but profit us nothing financially. They thrive on money and not serving the customer. there’s no real satisfaction for the customer, and they only continue to create more problems; this is what they do best!

Believe me, if I could say something good about this company I would be delighted to express my appreciation. But in all honesty, right now it would be a lie. I’m a member of the cloth, and therefore I cannot lie about what I’m telling you.

I have had too much negative experience with them. My best advice is to choose wisely, look at other evaluations, and at other publishing operations as well.

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I have bought many things from these chinese company's and will never do it again - they say all the right things if you can understand there jiberish - then do every thing to scam you out of your money - if you buy business cards from them they show you what you want to see then send you what you hate - print and cards to small to see or read - extra freight costs all sorts of rubbish - not honest in business but wanting on going business. I also bought many machine things welders- plastic welders, car parts.

musical instruments. Head phones all sorts of stuff - most needing to be fixed properly in a few days or weeks . Many set up wrong and not able to do the job. Some sent not even working at all.

I find the Chinese difficult to understand or talk to many angry and ruthless in business very greedy and don't care about your thoughts feelings wants or needs in good on going business.

many times sent the wrong things. China is a joke to the business world and will never get my money again period.


I too am a member of the clergy and we are encouraged not to judge. However sometimes you just have to say what is the truth! Amen !