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Some crazy man named angelo clark is harassing me incessantly for not using xlibris services. He emailed saying this:

I am going to get this *** company sued!

Who the *** are they to *** off people?! *** retards and devils!

I will need to sue them nice and proper and get this nipped in the bud as they have too much out of hand. Constant barrage of phone calls an emails from some *** pubishing house like xlibiris is concerning.

They need to be sent to jail and permanently shut down! As they are the worst people on the face of earth for being such *** senior publishing consultants and sales rep.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I got all my money refunded recently with help from my bank and other people, however Xlibris started ringing me again. They left no message I believe it was to harass I got them blocked from ringing.


Hello, and thank you for notifying us of what has happened. We are sorry to hear this.

The professionalism of our consultants is a matter that we take very seriously.

Could we ask you to please forward that email to us, at We appreciate you informing us of this.