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How long does it take to get the royalties for a book,how do I collect sales from all of the distributers where the book was sent.

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Irene Moore

According to the Xlibris FAQ page, royalties are calculated on a calendar quarter basis. Royalties due will be paid in United States Dollars (USD) within ninety (90) days after the end of each calendar quarter. The timing of actual receipt of the payment by the author may occur after these issuance dates, due to a variety of factors including, but not limited to, transit time in the mail. Royalties may be paid via check or electronic funds transfer (EFT).

If your quarterly determination of royalties in any calendar year exceeds twenty-five ($25) dollars, the payment shall be issued according to the quarterly payment schedule. If the quarterly royalties due are equal to or less than twenty-five ($25) dollars, the quarterly royalty amount will be carried forward and added to the subsequent quarterly royalty amount due. Until cumulative author royalties exceed twenty-five ($25) dollars, each quarterly author royalties will be carried forward and added to the cumulative author royalties. Cumulative author royalties at the end of a calendar year will be issued by February 28.


Customer ordered a hardcover book, The Acre Connection.

I am the author and a friend ordered the above book and had sent a check for it. He complained to me that it has been over 3 weeks and has not received the book.

What seems to be the problem for delivery?

George Lamby. PS: The customers name is Nick Assimopoulos

1 answer
Ann McDonald

According to Xlibris delivery policy no Xlibris book exists in printed form until you order it. Once you order a book, Xlibris custom manufactures a copy of the book precisely for you. Most orders will be delivered to you within two to three weeks. You can also contact Xlibris customer service by phone at 888-795-4274



Is the company legitimate or just a money grbber

1 answer
Irene Moore

According to Xlibris reviews posted on Pissed Consumer, the company currently has 1.7 out of 5 stars. The rating presented here is based on the feedback offered by customers in 188 different Xlibris reviews. Customers like published books, but they are not satisfied with the company poor customer service.

Should you have any questions about Xlibris services, please contact Xlibris Customer Service by phone at (888) 795-4274 or by email at Full Xlibris contact information is available on the Xlibris Contacts tab on the Pissed Consumer website.


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