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For those who remember the old lady, in the early eighties Wendy's commercial, with great anger she asked "Where's the beef!" I invested close to $3000 in publishing outlets for my book "The Great Centennial", months ago, and have seen no record of sales or income. "Where's the beef!" Accept for some technical services on the book, itself, I would only hear from my publishing consultant, more accurately fleecing consultant (That would be too honest!), when he had something to sell promising me great notoriety, and prosperity, and claiming that I was his buddy and that he only had my well-being at heart.

I already invested almost $3000, of my hard-earned money, and have seen nothing in return. I had to almost drain my savings account to pay off the credit card debt incurred by Xlibiris's publishing services.

How dare they ask me for more money!!! "WHERE'S THE BEEF!"

Product or Service Mentioned: Xlibris Premium Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Investment without a return.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Return on my investment or refund.

Xlibris Pros: Women who helped me with technical services.

Xlibris Cons: Publishing consultant asking for more money.

  • Investment Without Return
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You should only have given one star. You lost 3000.

A printed out book is not worth $500.

All they do is print your book on the worst quality paper. Everything else is fraud.