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In general I was satisfied with the production of my book, however the onus lay entirely on myslef for getting the content right. That is the deal with self-publishing. My real beef is that they add-on all sorts of 'marketing' but do not have the expertise to make it happen. There is certainly no feedback on the success of the marketing. My limited marketing from them resulted in ZERO sales for the first 6 months.

I have since undertaken to advertise with Google ads. This is by the far the most productive value added way of marketing in my experience. The way it works is that you develop marketing campaigns and then pay per click when they get taken to your book. The kicker however is that you have to see if this actually converts to an order. If it is not then you need to relook at your advertsing campaign, and/or adjust your budget. Xlibris are now offering this online marketing but cannot or will not give you any sales statistics, which run 5 months in arrear. So I am spending money on advertising blindly. Very frustrating, as they must have this information.

Despite looking for an answer on this at various levels of the company, I have not had any response, other than the standard policy blurb. They are VERY product oriented and treat their customers as part of their giant sausage machine.

Further to this I requested adding a book return clause to be added to my contract, as this was an option. Without this bookstores will not stock your book. Anyway, I have also had no response to this from my allocated representative at Xlibris.

For the amount of time invested in a book, and the complexities and pitfalls of marketing, my recommendation is to stay away from self-publishing in general. WRITERS BEWARE.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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You realize Smashwords due everything for free right?


Honey they are never going to sell your book, nor do they care about selling your book, they make their money off scamming wannabe writers like yourself. They are scam vaniy publishing, these days there is even free self publishing so what you have paid for is just the most ridiculous scam and you will never get a thing from it.

Cancel your credit card today and never speak to them again is the best advice I can offer you. Every word out of their mouthes is a lie and you won't see a penny in royalties as they are thieves and co-nmen.

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