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I wrote a book after spending years as an avid reader and feeling confident that I had what it took to write a quality body of work. In 2017 I was laid off from my job and instead of rejoining the workforce with a new employer, I chose the available time to finally pursue my dream of writing a novel.

Xlibris contacted me immediately after I completed an online self publishing form. The representative requested a copy of my manuscript to review and messaged me early the next morning with great excitement about the quality of my book.

It wasn’t long before I realized that after each call of praise and presentation of what packages I should purchase... that no one had actually read my book. It was all about selling me on the next step to being on the New York time best sellers. And every step came with a substantial cost.

I pulled the plug on a marketing package of $1030.00 on the day the final payment was due to come out of my account. I was told that the refund process would be started only to check in on the status a week later and be told tha I won’t be refunded because the review was already submitted to the company. This is disturbing considering I was told nothing would be Submitted until the final payment of my payment plan was processed.

Xlibris is taking advantage of people who took a leap to follow their dreams. Many of which are in pressed financial situations. Someone needs to put a stop to this advantageous type of scamming. I want my money back, but more importantly I don’t want them to take advantage of someone else. It’s difficult enough to dream in this world. But it takes a really classless outfit to take advantage of the person who dares to follow their dream. Any lawyers out there reading this... I’m asking for your help. This has to stop.

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They are nothing but a scam company.


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