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I am selling thousands of books per month.

and up to 20-30 a day.

I took pictures and called about it to report my earnings, and the person on the phone quickly deleted my earnings saying the pictures I have are only a computer glitch.

they have made probably millions since 2012.

my book is called American Jesus,im the author Christopher keith jenkins.

I have seller ids of every book that was recorded.

and the way they get away with it is, they never have you sign a master key contract.

its like ordering a burger and fries.

except they erase your purchases.

ive got top pay for an attorney to audit them.and they wont just do it and get paid after the case is won, because they cant get the clear contract.

Review about: Xlibris Book.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I am currently battling them for the same reason, I am once again going to BBB in USA to sort it out, go to them they will fix the problem.

to Truityone Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #919966

Sorry the BBB is in league with scammers. The BBB will give anyone a good rating if they pay a fee to the BBB they are useless.

to Claire #980502

I have a friend that went to work for the BBB, its a telemarketing company or sales team that persuase business's to sign up and when they pay there ratting goes up. Do therfore whensomeone looks into the company they have an A+ rating, but look close and you will see some will have over 300 complaints and still has an A+ rating.....they have totally down spiraled into the depths of ***. Someone needs to come up with a different company that actually does it the right way.


Jahnny is another Xlibris staff member trolling for more victims. Don't let them trick you when your on here.


What surprises me, based solely on the content, style and grammar of your complaint, is that you are the author of any book, let alone this one.

to Jahnny #883578

Considering it's just a publishing mill attacking his/her grammar is a straw man argument.

to Guestt Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #919967

And Xlbris staff come on here every once and a while and attack like that to try and make people doubt the complaints. Yet Xlibris exists because it's a place for people without talent to get fake "published" and that's always been what they relied on.

Nevermind that since Smashwords has been around people with no talent can be published for free just as real authors are published and paid money by good real publishers.

to Jahnny #1306687

What does his grammar on "here" have anything to do with writing a book? Or are you just being defensive? There is nothing worse than a spell checker or Grammar Hitler on the Web!

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