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Phil is my name and I've been frammed by XLIBRIS,I'll be a FAMOUS AUTHOR i was told several times, over and over BUT with a exra costs, yes that's right, nothings free, only the *** down the phone.

6k down, in plain English this means 6 THOUSAND DOLLARS DOWN THE TOILET how can they still be in business?

My calls aren't answered now because l won't hand over any CASH!!!!!

They want 12k to promote my book LMFAO.

All be warned, they have caller ld!!!! When l finally got through, after saying my IP number the *** HUNG UP, DEAD SET HUNG UP on me!!!!

Now I'm putting cash into a SOLICITOR pocket for help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Xlibris Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Well said! Beware of Xlibris, the company is a hoax!

They have $199.00. Simply put they are yet to refund my hard earned money. Do not sign their contract since they have nothing to offer in return.

Find another reliable publisher. Xlibris has to be aware that they cannot continue to defraud innocent victims!