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This business is focused on getting money from the author looking to self publish. Much of what it does is not about publishing it's a scam.

I suspect thousands of people have been taken advantage of by this company. The ethics is that of an Internet Troll that lives off users of the Internet by fraud and deceit. This company wanted me to pay for analysis or evaluation of books I had already published that were best sellers.

Xlibris wanted to sell be author tools and seminars. What is surprising to me is that this business hasn't been shut down by any government or agency.

Reason of review: They're scammers.

Preferred solution: I use 48HR Books and sell on my website, Ebay, and Amazon.

Xlibris Cons: Attempted to defraud me.

  • liars
  • scam publishing
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Pascale B

Their aggressive telemarketers duped me for $25,000.When my book was redesigned by an expert cover designer from Kevin Anderson & Associates in 2018, it looked ten times better than Xlibris, 2015 version according to the commending feedback I saw online by other organizations after Book Buzz promoted it in June.They’ve also sent copies of another author’s book through e-mail when I was expecting my edited version. Plus, they overpriced the paperback at $24.99 & the hardcover for $3.99 when I tried to tell them I’m looking at pricing it between $8.99 to $11.99.

They set the price for my e-book at $9.00, it took me more than two years to finally bring it down to .99 when all along Xlibris told me all three formats are low-priced. Would anyone consider $35 for hardback and $30 for Softcover a reasonably priced manuscript? I don’t think so!Their answer was we don’t print by bulk like other publishers. I understand that but books I’ve seen elsewhere had more pages than mine and half the price.

It’s no wonder their explanation was hard to believe, especially when their publishing consultant tried to sell me the same service of Returnable Books which retailers can return copies not sold, I reminded that I already paid for such service which won’t expire until 2 years later and she instead said if so I need to renew it. I replied to her that the way you were selling me this had nothing to do with renewal since she told from the beginning about her sales pitch that I no longer have an active Returnable Book service.Another thing that bothers me is when they exploit all their Filipino female operators which in some range make around $3 for twelve hours of work at a giant Call Center. I don’t know for sure the exact hourly rate but what I read online corporations take advantage of third world countries with meager wages by paying them less than even McDonald workers and other public franchises in the US who make minimum payments.To clarify it, I’ll speculate that the destitute latter in the Philippines shall have to work a whole year to match what American minorities make in less than three months. They filled out my copyright in 2015 for only five years which will expire in 2020 which looks like after this term elapses, they’ll take over to retain full ownership of my book’s royalties.I had to redo and update my manuscript through Bowker Identifier and had hired an intellectual property attorney since much has changed in my book.

Thus, this time around it’ll last over 75 years which is far from the suspected Xlibris five years. Most of Xlibris promotional costs between $1,500 to $3,000 whereas Bowker Identifier cost is one quart of that and better quality.My Contact is:


Please call your attorney General and consumer help department of your tv station


Please contact me at i just got robbed by them.

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