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I was so excited to publish my book with this company as I would get what I always wished for is to help women and youth. Everything seemed to go well until I received the results from evaluation and I was told there was a problem on two parts as it is in negativate...
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Xlibris Publishing Service
They scammed my father of thousands of pounds and their refund policy is absolutely useless. Strongly advise not to use them.
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Thank you for your message. We would like to look into your case.

Can you please send us an email at along with your name and Project ID? We are sorry to hear that your father's experience with us has not been favorable, and would like to make sure your case gets the attention it deserves.

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Reason of review
Problems with payment

Xlibris - Book Review from London, London

My book was overpriced so that it was unaffordable in countries where it might have had best readership. I constantly get calls from bright new sparks offering marketing deals.
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Avoid the marketing "deals" all of them. If you read online comments about Xlibris none of them work at all.

You just pay thousands and get no sales.

Xlibris is all about scamming as much money out of people as possible.

You can self publish for free at places like Smashwords.

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Xlibris Book
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Xlibris review in London, England: The Quest For the Truth

Since Xlibris collected $450 from my account for publishing a book entitled 'The Quest For the Truth, which is a Theological book In July 2010, I have not heard again from them. I do not know whether they have published the book or not. What percentage of profit am I entitled to? Who is supposed to do the marketing? If I am the one, where are my own copies? who do I contact if these queries are are not dealt with? what are the contact? Should I take my script to another publisher and request Xlibris to refund my money?
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Honestly I do not know what name you published under or if you completed the process as previous described.... You should contact your submissions rep and find out - truly............

I do know one thing: From my own relatively vast experience Xlibris DOES publish the book they say they will publish in print after order form if you have paid all that is due and submitted the manuscript.... About royalties - this I do not know as I have never checked to see if I\'m being shafted or not. Sereena N.

P.S. The only real complaint I can have about Xlibris is that they will toss anything into print no matter how terrible the typos and other errors and they will do so without going the extra mile to just tell the author the upcoming book is going to be a mess if the author does not knuckle down and edit it NOW before the final submission phase.

Then later when the author figures it out Xlibris charges $$ to go back and let the author fix the disaster. However, truly this is the author's own fault if he/she has not proof read the manuscript before stating it is fully done and giving the okay to publish it - it is not the fault of Xlibris even if it would be nice if they would notify the author who may be busy or stressed out or may have accidentally sent the wrong copy of the manuscript or whatever. I published two of my books while being stalked and thus I truly believed I would be murdered at any moment. Thus my first run on my first two books was a mess of typos - I believed if I paused to proof read I'd be killed before the books got published.

I learned my lesson AFTER when I was not murdered after all. :(


A Quest for Truth

By Edward D. Auchard

Edward D Auchard was born in Kansas August 8, 1920. He attended one-room country schools and small town high schools. He enrolled at Kansas State (1937) and transferred to York College in Nebraska, (1938-41). He studied at Eden Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri (1945-46) and Bonebrake Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio (1946-1948). His thesis was a study of “The Names of God in the Hebrew Bible.” In 1952 he received the Masters of Theology degree from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. His thesis was: “The Ministry of Reconciliation.”:

Edward married Elma Breckenridge in 1944. They are the parents of one daughter, Joanne Senefsky---and have three grand children and two great granddaughters.

As a student in College Edward served small churches in Nebraska. He was pastor of the Riverdale Community United Brethren Church (1941-44). He served the United Brethren Church in St. Louis, Missouri (1944-1946) and pastor of both the United Brethren and Presbyterian Congregations in Raymore, Missouri (1947-49). He served as pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in St. Louis (1949-1953) and as associate pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Pontiac, Michigan (1953-1957) and pastor of the Orchard Lake Community Church, Presbyterian in Michigan (1957-1975) and as pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Bryan, Ohio (1975-1988).

Since retirement Edward has served interim ministries in Ohio and Michigan and has served overseas with the Pastors Beyond program of Wycliffe Bible Translators in Kenya (1991), Columbia (1993), Brazil and Suriname (1994) and Mexico (1995). In 1999 Edward and Elma were guests of The Church of Christ in China as part of a group sponsored by Presbyterian World Missions.

A QUEST FOR TRUTH was prepared for Joanne and for two exchange students from Japan who were guests and continue to be dear friends---and later revised and expanded into the present volume.



:eek Did you get emails from your Xlibris submissions rep?? Did you submit your manuscript via email and via CD or thumb drive and did your submissions rep indicate the manuscript was received??

If the submissions rep did not indicate the manuscript was recieved than likely the manuscript got lost in the mail or the email failed to send and you must sent it again and then contact your submissions rep to make sure it was received by Xlibris.... Anyhow, the process is that you pay, you send manuscript, your submissions rep communicates with you as needed, then manuscript goes into production mode, then if you have a package (like pro package) the enables you or entitles you to receive a number of copies of your book you get the copies.. AFTER that the book will not be printed unless someone buys the book. It is print to order.

You also have access to your book and whatever royalties it has possibly earned (tracking info) through the author's services section of the Xlibris bookstore. You can additionally go to the Xlibris website and go to the bookstore section. Do a search, like a book buyer, for your book using its title and the author name you used to publish it and see if your book pops up. If not you need to contact your submissions rep and find out what happened..

Who am I???????? I am Sereena Nightshade.

I have published two books with Xlibris under this name and two others under another pen name and they are all in good status. 8)


They are theives and nothing more. They will never help you or give you your money back.

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Xlibris Publishing Service
Quite simply, Xlibris is a fraudulent, dishonest and incompetent, disaster zone. Xlibris is nothing more than a quick-buck scam printer, posing as a "print-on-demand publisher", and it has one of the highest complaints percentages for a small business of it's type...
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My own experience has brought me to the conclusion that they are all criminals. My request for sales details and royalty calculations met with complete silence for two years.

Finally, it was delivered. On examination, it did not mention a number of books that I know were sold through Amazon (UK) including 5 nos that I bought directly from Amazon without bothering to buy at an 'author's discount'. Fraud! Then two days later I received a letter informing me that 30% will be deducted to cover US income tax and that a 50% 'fine' would be imposed by the US government because I hadn't registered as a 'taxpayer'.

Would such money withheld ever be passed on to the US government? Perhaps the US government is in on the fraud as well. Just think. why would an author, British, living in Thailand, dealing with Xlibris in the Philippines and Australia, write a book about a British institution that would only sell in Britain have to pay 30% tax to the American government?

During the dozens and dozens of calls that I received from their sales people, I was not once warned about a 30% Government Tax.

I have just been told by an Xlibris sales person that I pay tax because I am dealing with an American company. I now know that in future, I should never deal with an American company.

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