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Xlibris is the biggest fraud of a company that I ever had the misfortune to engage. In the past nine months, I have been shuffled between Author Services Representatives all promising that my books would be published soon. My first ASR Cherry Bates left the company, and no one even notified me until two weeks after the fact. The next ARS Gregory Ellis failed to return my phone calls. I was then assigned Glenn Bryce who did not return my e-mails or calls for some time. I was simultaneously told that he had left the company and was out on leave!

When Mr. Bryce did acknowledge my e-mails and eventually call me, he told me that the pdf file to my first novel had been lost and that we should go ahead and publish my second novel first. I was unhappy about this but agreed. In the meantime I sent a copy of my first novel to Mr. Bryce with corrections that I wanted made. I assumed that since Xlibris had lost my file for the e-book, they could at least make some changes gratis. The e-book was created, but some *** wiped out all the italics from the manuscript, italics that were there for a reason. After several attempts, I thought the Xlibris technicians had got it correct, but I was wrong. However, Xlibris posted the e-book on their website and secondary sellers' websites. I asked it to be removed, but it wasn't.

I was eventually assigned Ken Barnes as an Author Services Representative who promised me that all the changes to my first e-book would be made. He also assured me that the corrections that I asked to be made gratis to my second novel would be honored due to all the trouble I had encountered. I had already paid $250.00 for post-productions corrections, which involved some minor punctuation and the use of the correct book cover, so I was happy about that. When Xlibris technicians created the e-book for my second novel, a flawless product could not be created without mistakes being made. I again asked for some minor changes to be made gratis considering the work had to be done anyhow to correct Xlibris mistakes!

I sent letters of complaint to Xlibris managers Raymond Chin, Michelle Postrano and Elaine Jerome-Headley, but nothing was ever done. Neither Mr. Chin nor Ms. Postrano could even acknowledge my e-mails.

At this point I was given a rash of grief that I had to pay another $125.00 to get these corrections implemented. This was the straw that broke my camel's back! I canceled my business with Xlibris and sent out signed Letters of Intent to the appropriate Xlibris managers with a carbon copy to everyone I had dealt with in the past nine months.

Rey August sent me an e-mail stating that my account was cancelled. Then a week and a half later Matt Evers called me and said that it was his understanding that I wanted to cancel my account! I went ballistic. This was just another example of Xlibris incompetence!

I should also add that one of my book packages (I paid for four books to be published) included single item accessories"”bookmarks, posters, business cards, and postcards. After sending detailed notes and pictures regarding the font and pitch size for the text and the book cover I wanted used for each product, it took Xlibris technicians six tries to finally get it right. Each time a new version of the items arrived, it looked like my instructions were completely ignored, and the techs did whatever they bloody well wanted!

The 50 SEO clicks that I received in my first book package were used when the incorrect version of the e-book was published, and Xlibris refused to give me another 50 SEO clicks to replace them.

All in all, it has been an expensive and frustrating nightmare working with Xlibris. Although I lost a good amount of money, the thing that angers me most is the time I lost from my life dealing with these incompetent, lying bastards.

I discovered too late that I'm not the only one who has encountered problems. There was a lawsuit against Xlibris in 2012 by the State of Indiana where the company headquarters is located (Bloomington). Obviously, the problems with Xlibris are far-reaching and go way beyond the customer service department in Cebu, Philippines.

After reading all the consumer complaints about authors not receiving their royalties, should either of these books had been published, I doubt I would have seen a dime in royalties.


Review about: Xlibris Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Wow i was just robbed by them to please reach out to me at smh


They really panic if you call them from a different phone number than you provided... trust me, try this.

They will give you a *** line about a bag connection, then call you back... guess they're scared we're going to use it in court against them. Sleeze bags.



It's Xlibris staff coming on here and marking all the complaints as unhelpful.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #895996

i am a slow learner. They took me for over 15,000 in packages for my book.

after many publishing errors and misleading discussions, they simple ignore complaints, farm you off to another author solutions service "expert"

today I was given an 'opportunity" to purchase another package which they would discount from $5000 down to $3900. I went directly to the vendor of the service Xlibris was promoting and could get the same service for less than $1000.

Xlibris has expertise in selling and promoting themselves at the expense of their clients. when caught in out and out lying, they simply move on to another pitch.

Deceit, incompetence, and stealth-extortion would describe their publishing program.


lol Xlibris staff coming here to vote down reviews as not being helpful. No one but an Xlibris staff member would do that since every customer is scammed.


Sorry to say, I have more of the same complaint. That is, I had a nice salesman who got my money and then turned me over to the

"representative" who proceeded to harass me for the completed manuscript. When I sent in a hurried original, their communications stopped completely. I waited 2 months then was told that the "representative" had left the company and that the manuscript was lost. I resubmitted the agreement and manuscript and again no reply. I waited a month and was told the manuscript was lost again and that I should resubmit it a second time. I e-mailed every single e-mail I had with the company - sales, "representatives", marketing - and showed them all that I had an e-mail from a "representative" reassuring me that the second copy of the manuscript had been received. Suddenly, the second copy was found and sent to proofing whereupon they sent a mangled galley quite quickly. The new "representative" called incessantly asking for a final copy but they had made quite a few typos of their own that I was correcting along with the proofing of a lot of technical tables in the book. Despite my complaints, the "representative" called daily to ask where the final copy was. I sent it in and some time later found the book on Amazon incorrectly priced. No answers from the "represntatives" re: a price I had not specified in my agreement until once again I e-mailed every e-address I had in the company and it was corrected in a day.

The company changed owners in 2009. Maybe its good repute was from prior to that.

Do they "lose" the manuscripts they don't believe will sell? Do the "representatives" not answer e-mails in hopes the complaints will just be forgotten eventually if enough stalling is done?

Maybe a case for Jerry Spence or the state Attorney General's Fraud Division?

to youmake1up #893529

Yes the company was apparently half way honest at least before Author Solutions bought them, they bought up all the self publishing compnaies and turned them into this scam. The stalling is their technique for everything, literally their only interest is in getting money out of you for nothing and then they pass you around to different "representatives" as a way of stalling you until you give up.

to Shay #1032342

EXACTLY! I am soooo sick of them passing me around from one poor-english speaking person to another.

"MAMMMMM, MAMMMMM!" Give me a break. All they do is scam for money.Is anyone is the process of getting a Lawyer?


IMA be very careful! Have you not read all the comments on these people.

I know some people personally in our city who have dealt with this crowd and everything negative that has been stated about them ties up 100% with what the complaints in all these e-mails describe. When they persistently call you - do you hear all the other voices in the background? It sounds like a call centre! Which reputable publisher out there is conducting a serious business such as publishing like they are selling Salvation Army desktop calendars?

And did you not get a hugely positive response to your book despite the fact that they haven't even laid eyes on your manuscript? What more evidence do you need?

My advice to anyone is - send this website address to all and sundry and ask them to distibute it as much as they can. It is the only way to catch these people at their own game.


Um you should know they aren't a reputable "publisher" from the fact they ask for money. You do realize that REAL reputable publishers PAY their authors, they never ask them for money!

The call center is a phone bank in the Phillipines where sales reps are paid $1 an hour, to sell sell sell, and that is literally all they care about, they are quite unashamed to scam every single person in every way possible, there is nothing legitimate about them, they have no legitimate services that they offer.

to Shay Crestview, Florida, United States #992815

Yes I am looking to publish and so am reading the reviews but was always told...YOU DON'T PAY TO HAVE YOUR WORK PUBLISHED. A REPUTABLE COMPANY 'PAYS YOU ' to publish your work. So use that as a sign.






Sorry for the typos in the punctuation on my complaint, but I was really mad when I wrote it and didn't proofread it before posting. :( Xlibris still SUCKS!


I am saddened at the fact that so many people seem to have been conned. I am deeply relieved however that I found this wonderful website that has stopped any dealings I might have had with these people.

I became suspicious after seeing so many errors on their website, when they spoke of number of images allowed per package as opposed to pages. When the rep called me, I asked how many pages would be involved in the book, he told me that I would be allowed anything between 25 and 100 pages!!! Using simple maths it made no sense at all to me that a company would allow you to use 300% more paper if you wish - at no extra cost!!!!

I am also suspicious about business calls which I receive after 8pm on weekend evenings and the reps names have some connection with famous products or world renowned authors. Finally folks, the only way to get back at these people is to stop buying their books in you bookstores and to inform the bookstore managers about this website and all that you have read here or experienced for yourselves.


Xlibris is not a real publisher with any vetting system for quality so it doesn't have ANY books in ANY real bookstores. No real world bookstore carries vanity published books and they only carry self published books that have sold 40,000 or more copies and usually been bought up by a traditional publisher because of those high sales.

Xlibris doesn't have any books that have made that triumphant leap, only Createspace does.

Xlibris don't try to sell the books at all,

But now that anyone can upload ebooks to the Amazon and Barnes and Noble ONLINE bookstores absolutely for free Xlbiris charge for this (something that can be done for free) So the books do appear in the online stores now.

Xlbiris aren't a real publisher and could care less about book sales and keep no track of actual sales.

I have read the use the books to a launder money for organized crime.

They are in no way a real publisher so they don't care about book sales as all their money comes from scamming the wannabe authors which is much easier than selling books.


Um honey REAL AuTHORS get paid by REAL PUBLISHERS. Real publishers pay authors for the priviledge of selling their high quality work, and never ever ask authors for money.

XLIBRIS don't HAVE books in ANY real life bookstores, no real life bookstore would touch a book "published" by Xlibris with a barge pole, because it's a silly scam vanity company that will take any book, not a real publisher.

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