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I began my self publishing plans and chose to go with Xlibris because they agreed to give me a free upgrade to a higher package that what I had paid for. But I started to do more research and found that I was paying for tons of services that I didn't need and would be left with a miniscule percentage of my books sales (which would probably be few and far between because they price the books so high).

I found that doing things on my own would allow me to keep a much larger percentage of my sales plus I could set my own price. I contacted Xlibris to let them know that I would like my money back but was informed that I could only get half! This would make sense to me if they had actually performed some type of service for me, but they did absolutely nothing for me, but felt that they deserved to keep half of my money. I think this speaks to the ethics of the company, and any company that operates this way should not be in business anymore.

I would understand if they said there was some sort of nonrefundable deposit, as most businesses do, but to automatically be entitled to half of my money is absurd. At this point it would probably have made sense to go forward with their services. At least my money wouldn't be vanishing into thin air.

But I would rather lose my money than have their name associated with my work.

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Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand #696392

A year later they never did anything about the refund they just stole nearly $4000 for nothing.

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand #696385

You were lucky. They promised my father a check and a refund of all but $89 of the nearly $4000 they paid but as I suspected they were lying.

Guess what they did the "check is in the mail" trick. He never got the check.

They refused to pay him anyway but a check to the house and then accused him of losing it because he was elderly then they kept saying "oh we will look into it" and that's all they will say. They are thieves.


I am saddened at the fact that so many people seem to have been conned. I am deeply relieved however that I found this wonderful website that has stopped any dealings I might have had with these people.

I became suspicious after seeing so many errors on their website, when they spoke of number of images allowed per package as opposed to pages. When the rep called me, I asked how many pages would be involved in the book, he told me that I would be allowed anything between 25 and 100 pages!!! Using simple maths it made no sense at all to me that a company would allow you to use 300% more paper if you wish - at no extra cost!!!!

I am also suspicious about business calls which I receive after 8pm on weekend evenings and the reps names have some connection with famous products or world renowned authors. Finally folks, the only way to get back at these people is to stop buying their books in you bookstores and to inform the bookstore managers about this website and all that you have read here or experienced for yourselves.

#367059 is a fictional email--with all the complaints I sent them, no one had ever answered.


Sounds odd. You have your author agreement form that you signed?

It stipulates what is going to happen in the event of a refund. What does it say? If it says you get a full refund if XXX happens then that is what you should receive. If you have hit certain milestones then naturally the percentage drops.

Check your agreement that you signed for the details. You can also contact and have them look into this for you.

This is what I would recommend that you do.

Hope this helps,

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