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I selected Xlibris to publish my first novel, what an embarrassing mistake. They said they edited the manuscript and that was apart of my $2100 program.

They sent me alot of proposed changes and I accepted 99% of them. I trusted them that they had done a good editing job, that was a dumb move. After the book was released, I was flooded with readers complaining about miss spelled words (more than 20), HOW EMBARRASSING... When they posted the book description on Amazon, B&N, and others, the put my author bio in the Story description area--there was no story description.

If this was their first book I could understand.

I notified them of the error in September, check B&N today Jan 20,2011, Revenge: No Statute of Limitations, it is still NOT corrected. Once they get your money--You are nobody!!!!!!!!!!

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I understand your issues about this publisher. I too have had issues with them and the premium package I bought.

The professional editing was fine, but when I submitted the necessary changes, they were somehow ignored and the book for "Dhampir Chronicles: The Awakening" went into print. I had no idea of the mistakes in the book until a few readers were able to contact me. I was shocked and upset because my reputation as a self-publisher takes on a darker cloud. When I asked for my artwork and the e-book format to be returned, I was told the artwork on CD had been lost, but did get it back several weeks later.

The e-book format received would not allow me to make the necessary corrections, so now I am in the process of rewriting the entire PUB format into word. I would not recommend this publisher at all for authors trying to get their work out in the marketplace......


Dr. S.

Portoian, thanks for posting your view. If Xlibris editors are teachers, they must have flunked Reading and Spelling. I'm talking about some tough words to catch like "fed" instead of "feed", "do" instead of "due".

Experienced writers have told me it is almost impossible for a writer to edit their own writing because they read right through the errors because they know what they wanted to say. What a difference professional editors have made!NO XLIBRIS!!!


Editors can help you

But you should not depend on them...

You should depend on yourself first...

You created the novel

You imagined the steps

So you are responsible

Editors can only help they are like teachers...!


I'm getting screwed over by Xlibris at this very moment. I'll join the lawsuit.


Yes iam interested in participating in a class action lawsuit..My email is


Couldn't happen to a better group--I'm all ears...


Seriously thinking of filing a class action lawsuit against Xlibris. Interested?

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