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I am so disappointed in Xilbris. This company ruses you to read your submissions which are online; they will harass you until you send them an okay.

Once you okay the book, they send you a copy, before you can approve the copy it is already listed for sale online. After checking the online submission I noticed some misspelled words. I am so pissed off right now because they *** and keep screwing you by taking your money. They don't do any of the real work.

This company should really rethink the business they are in. But then again, if your jib is to scam people, they are in the right business.

Even I will proofread someone else's work so it won't look bad for them and me. RIPOFF COMPANY!!!!!!

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Marina Del Rey, California, United States #676966

A friend who did self publish caught me as quickly as I forwarded him my 'proposal' offer with the oder form for signing up my life, thank God for true friends! He text me the link for this site, and now I will use the money the correct way & maybe have a chance.

Pushy is the kindest word for their tactics!


Evansville, Indiana, United States #615899

Just getting ready to have my first book published and have been having many phone conversations with my Xlibris rep. Was planning on committing today, but my gut instinct said to look for customer complaints before I handed over my money.

So glad I found this sight. I'll be looking for someone else to publish now that I've read evidence of how this company treats their customers!!

to DECKEKA Richardson, Texas, United States #627465

Don't do it, I have asked they they pull my book off their websites until further notice...I am searching for literary agents so I can get my book published the right way. Had I known I could self publish without paying them a dime I would have.

Englewood, Colorado, United States #615805

I am writing a story. I call Xilbris for information and they were pushy.

They wanted $500.00 and I knew right away they were try to rip me off.

I am glad I read your review. I hope things workout for you

to wen112578 Richardson, Texas, United States #627469

My advice is to make is to make sure you do your homework before dealing with them.... I was anxious and went in blind. I read all the articles as well but I wanted to get my story out there.

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