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I didn't buy a package, was getting ready. The sales person who greeted me the 1st phone call.

She was polite n seemed to be informative, but she didn't answer my questions directly. I went on to the next representative to find out the price they said it was one month free but it wasn't they tried to take it off my credit card immediately. It declined, thank God, then the Representative tried to get me to call my bank and get them to approve it. When that didn't work they wanted another card, Lol, yeah right, nope I told them I didn't have one.

So they continued after I said no n they didn't stop. So I hung up.

Thank you to an author that I read her reviews. You saved me from making a huge mistake.

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These disgusting villains scammed my elderly dementia father for 10,000 they didn't even print out a copy of his book just stole from him they are nothing but scammers and the good reviews are only from people working in their company who know this website damages their scamming chances.