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I have posted twice before and heard from a handful of authors who have lost $$$ trying to work with xlibris. It seems as though the following are the biggest complaints: little or no royalties, asking for more and more $ when it gets closer to release date, numerous attempts to contact reps who supposedly were fired, editing issues and harassing phone calls.

Xlibris is actually an off-shoot of Author Solutions the mother company to several publishing companies. In order to make an impact in getting authors their money back not only for costs but pain and suffering I need to hear from as many people as possible.

Please consider joining this suit even if you have moved on to another publisher. You deserve compensation for the anguish you have been subjected to by this company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Xlibris Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I wrote and published book with Xlibris, 15 years ago. Spent thousands of $$ !!

In 15 years got two royalty checks! One $2 dollars and 35 cents and the other $3 dollars and 15 cents!

(Still having this checks at home uncashed for evidence) They are still selling my book on Amazon ! Would love to clame lawsoot against them!


They did not follow through and took me for 1000’s of dollars.


How do I join ?


They played me and they owe me I wrote a book and they sold it overseas and Walmart and never did I received anything


I keep noticing that my book is out of stock at certain stores but they insist that it has not sold one copy.


I believe that Xlibris has also scammed me too. They the to send me a royalty check for $1.15 three times, what a sorry company, and they should pay what is owed to the authors.


I had my book Eternity Dawns published by Xlibris in 2014. I had been checking for royalties for the first few years but had none on the page.

Lost my login details, emailed them and was told I needed to join Author Centre to check royalties. No link there. Now I have been side tracked by them an offering of an International Book Tour. I have paid a deposit but have not signed a contract for further payment.

Thinking about it their way of handling the whole process is not very professional.

I believe I should ask for a refund as reading up on things it may be a scam. Has anyone else had this offer?


Xlibris published my book To Weave a Tangled Web in 2011 and I have never seen a single royalty check in the eight (8) years since.


Cold calls numerous emails to sell contracts toward book sales movie sales. All money down drain. Most xlibris sales staff left after payment


They call me up to 4 times a day. I want this to stop. Sheriabutlermba@gmail.com


I am being called and emailed up to 4 times a day by Xlibris. I have asked them to stop calling me with this frequency.

I hung up and was called back! Unbelievable!


They're trying to contact me


I have been with them for years on my second book and never saw one cent of royalties. I paid over 2,500 for their services yet I see my book everywhere.

I called them after friends have bought my book only for them to tell me that I haven't sold a copy. Please put me on this list Alexvanpo3@gmail.com


I published book with Xlibris 11 years ago! Spent over $4,000.00 Never got any royalties or anything! They still saling my book on Amazon without my permission!


My book has been seen on Amazon, i had no knowledge of them selling my books to Amazon, also have not heard from Xlibris since 4-4-2010, and have not received any royalties.I have paid them over $4,000.00.would very much like a refund. miller.vadell@yahoo.com


New to this scandal, I see complaints back to 2015, probably farther. I am in on this class action fight. rick.d.koontz@hotmail.com My book is ON A WHIM Islands in the Stream.


How do I sign up for the class action suit?


I have just begun, my 1st quarter closed with less sales to show than I know has happened. They are not yet helpful.


Same thing happened to me!!!! Books been selling and I received 29.00.

We need to stop this fraud company in its tracks!!!! Author's are being used for their hard work!!!! Just not fare for Xlibris to gain wealth with our sales and we know they are doing it!!! Victoria Fox bet not call me ever again offering products that do t add up!!!

Now that my book is published Shelly Curtis is no longer with the company!!!!

I experienced FRAUD!!!!! Run fast as you can!!!!!!


I Have had 2 scams by them. Xlibris and Author House.

Balboa won't leave me alone> LET'S GET THEM!

We need to report them on RIPOFF REPORT. I have tape recordings of my conversations with them and they gave me permission.

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