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I have posted twice before and heard from a handful of authors who have lost $$$ trying to work with xlibris. It seems as though the following are the biggest complaints: little or no royalties, asking for more and more $ when it gets closer to release date, numerous attempts to contact reps who supposedly were fired, editing issues and harassing phone calls.

Xlibris is actually an off-shoot of Author Solutions the mother company to several publishing companies. In order to make an impact in getting authors their money back not only for costs but pain and suffering I need to hear from as many people as possible.

Please consider joining this suit even if you have moved on to another publisher. You deserve compensation for the anguish you have been subjected to by this company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Xlibris Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They're trying to contact me


I have been with them for years on my second book and never saw one cent of royalties. I paid over 2,500 for their services yet I see my book everywhere.

I called them after friends have bought my book only for them to tell me that I haven't sold a copy. Please put me on this list Alexvanpo3@gmail.com


I published book with Xlibris 11 years ago! Spent over $4,000.00 Never got any royalties or anything! They still saling my book on Amazon without my permission!


My book has been seen on Amazon, i had no knowledge of them selling my books to Amazon, also have not heard from Xlibris since 4-4-2010, and have not received any royalties.I have paid them over $4,000.00.would very much like a refund. miller.vadell@yahoo.com


New to this scandal, I see complaints back to 2015, probably farther. I am in on this class action fight. rick.d.koontz@hotmail.com My book is ON A WHIM Islands in the Stream.


I have just begun, my 1st quarter closed with less sales to show than I know has happened. They are not yet helpful.


I Have had 2 scams by them. Xlibris and Author House.

Balboa won't leave me alone> LET'S GET THEM!

We need to report them on RIPOFF REPORT. I have tape recordings of my conversations with them and they gave me permission.


I’d like to join this as well! I spent over $10k to publish my first project, which I put everything into.

I cleared out my saving and they still asking for more. please contact me at snwfxs@gmail.com


I would like to join as well. Even though my problem is a bit different as Xlibris is using an illustration of mine as book cover illegally.

The author didn't sign a licence contract nor did he pay me.. I'm getting threatened by the author Xlibris would drag me(!!!!) to court about this matter...

I've been trying to reach them since early January, no response on the matter, just had to hear I should mail the customer service.. They are making money off my artwork and it doesn't even bother them that they are committing a copyright infringement....


My email is artworkangeldettlaff@gmail.com


Hi. I would like to be part of this lawsuit. You can contact me at javilaugh@gmail.com Its a financial nightmare since I started working with them last yesr to get my children’s books published.


I lost 13K with them I cleared out my saving for a project I really put everything into. They came to me with a lot of suggestions when I turned down the latest of all the suggestions they say they could no longer go forward with the project and i wasn’t entitled to no refund basically robbed me out of 13k. I really need some help Rolandamus007@aol.com


I’m having the same problem with them please add me to the list rolandamus007@aol.com


Hello Team, I too am an author and have not had good experiences with them either. Please add me to the lists at.

shirlaninc@yahoo.com. Thank you.


I would to join my email is Cophermelissay@yahoo.com Or cophermelissay@gmail contact me


xlibris has taken money out of my bank account . they are thieves.

My nAMe is Paul OTway. email me paulotway5@gmail.com


XLibris are liars. i feel like wrifing angelo clarks name on a toilet wall


I would like to join the class action suit as well ! Please contact me at pnr1@ptd.net


I have been trying to contact Xlibris with my concerns and I have not received any answers as of yet. It seems like they do not want to talk about it.


I would like to know how to join the lawsuit. I have not received royalties from two books published by Xlibris.

We spent several thousand dollars for the publishing, marketing, etc. Seems like my books are being sold by other vendors, but Xlibris is the only publisher/printer that would have rights to print my books.