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After balancing my checkbook, I noticed there was a charge for the author learning center for two months, a charge I did not authorize. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY PUBLISHING NEEDS.

THEY CHARGE YOU FOR SERVICES THAT YOU NEITHER AUTHORIZE NOR NEED TO MARKET YOUR WORK!!!! It is a scam of a business that is run very shabbily!!!!! After they published my work (I had previously been published by two traditional publishers in the past) the print was too small and there were several distracting format "hiccups" that they wanted me to pay to correct. What a crock!

There is no quality control and the publishing consultants are nothing by *** men and wpmen! Again, do not use this publisher!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Xlibris is a rip off, I published with them for 13 years, updated my book and they used a software editor to peruse the book, then stated they wanted release from jailed criminals, the same people mentioned in the book for 13 years (the criminals were in jail before the first publishing for heinous crimes, sentenced to 40 plus years). They canceled the job and refused to return the $400 upfront money. Don't trust them.


They stole $710.34 AUD from me. Extremely untrustworthy.


Yes I had the same problem regarding the font issue—-boy they make me mad!!


Thank you! I recently enquired with the company about publishing and they have been ringing me every week for a couple of months now. Today wehn i told them i dont have the funds to publish yet insisted i make an account on the author learning center, they are so persistent!


Couldn’t agree more. Before I had even noticed ALC charged me for four months! when it was supposed to be only a thirty days trial!


They tried with that 30 day trial crap (to shamming me that my advertising was bad—-I used social media to get word out of my book; they’re not satisfied I wasn’t using their overpriced crap. When they put me through to the billing line, I hung up. Then the sales person called again, i hung up again.


For this reason I am going to unsubscrib to them but it is harder to do that. I am trapped.


I wish I had seen these comments first. I just got scammed and my card has been hit multiple times for $9.95 even after the rep at Xlibris assured me he would cancel my ALC membership during the 30 day free trial.

@Angry Author

Yes, me too.


ALC, is not a publishing company it is a learning center, meaning it is a tool that you pay for to help you gain information. It educates you, and allows you to gain information from actual successful authors.

First off writing a book should not be done quickly getting the book published into the public should most defiantly take as much time as it did to write the book. There is no quick way to achieve a dream don't fall for the quick scam of such things. Stay away from self publishing!! I could not make this more clear, however Author Learning Center is a amazing tool that can help you organize your work.

But DO NOT EVER on any online market use your credit or debit card information use Paypal. It gives you a barrier of protection from scammers and if something happens to fall through Paypal will refund you. If you really want to publish your book and have a passion for writing, it is going to take TIME. Nothing in life is quick and don't let obstacle make you throw in a towel.

At the toughest moment in making your book a reality success is right around the corner. Now I do not have any of my books published, and I am very cautious when a self publishing company calls me. I look at their company, and research them. Always check for any grammatical errors in a publishing companies website.

If you do find a grammatical error, ignore and block the company. Xilbris emailed me a while back, asking for me to publish, the email had grammatical errors. I knew it was a scam right away but had so much fun trying to see them scramble for a defense for my evidence. They ended up giving me a review of a different company and called it their own.

HA! Their defense baffled me and our conversation ended with me pasting the company they took the review from. On a final note, if you want to publish something you have written, make sure you love what you wrote, and make sure you love to write. If your emotion is transcribed into your work, and if your eyes are pouring out as your story comes to life, you will be successful.

Your book will become personal so much that it feels like a part of you. Take time, do research, and most importantly never give up.

If you want information on self publishing marketing scams I will provide a link,



~Written By A 19 year old girl just to rub some salt on the wound~


Thank you so much for your post. They have been pursuing me for years.

I signed up for the ALC-$9.99 a math (30 days free) last week, however they have yet to send me the link to log in. The person I spoke was a foreigner and our conversations have me an uneasiness, and I've learned that if it seems to good to be true it usually is.

@Concerned Writer

E-mail them complaints from past users---that usually shuts them up.


You just saved me. I was about to sign up when I saw your post. They were trying hard.

Thank you.

@Corinne Asch

Thank you for your info...they almost got me as well.


Author Learning Center took me for over sixty dollars after I called & cancelled my prescription over the phone as instructed by the original caller! Never give them your credit card number without keeping track of your deductions or you will never recoup your losses! They are quite unprofessional & dishonest as far as I'm concerned & shouldn't even exist.


I feel like the need to be sued for be so negligent. But because the amount is so small it's useless to try and do anything about it.


I had the same problem. It took 7 months, and me cleaning out my account for them to stop.


Agreed. Big scam. Can't even figure out how to cancel


Neither do I. There is not link to cancel subscription on the website.

@Meril Fernando

All you have to do is cancel the card you use

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