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Update by user Dec 04, 2014

NOT RESOLVED, AGGRAVATED TO CRASHING IN New Zealand Internet Providers, Banks, Post, private companies, private properties...

Author Solutions/Xlibris/Authorhouse should be financially, morally and legislatively punished!For all those people they lied to, harrassed, stole from and keep psychologically tormenting!


Update by user Dec 04, 2014

For 5 months Author Solutions/Xlibris are hacking my computers 24/7!!: erase, write to my contacts, *** into NZ Bank & WRITE A LETTER FROM THEIR NAME, SECTION/PERSON!!ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE'S RECORDS TO MY PHYSICAL ADDRESS!

*** all promotional pages/websites; created havoc around my book and created health problems for me and my close friends! Crashed 4 times the local Exchange Switch board! Wasted the $4500 i paid them in May for Frankfurt Annual Book Fair and didn't even display the book their! - none of the pictures i saw from their stands in the exhibition!


Don't forget that they give THE worst name to US companies/publishers and people!

Isn't it time for the USA Law to clean their own Avgiant Stables?!Not to mention, using "America" for the USA only is incorrect, arrogant and misleading!!!!

Original review posted by user Sep 20, 2014

I had my book published with Xlibris - a subsidiary of Author Solutions.$4000 for the full package: i did editing (the girl had rewritten my book!

apart from not even reading it - just the software "job"!); did my Covers text, pictures, design and choice of colors; they published after several corrections - Marketing - ZERO. Was allured to pay additional Marketing - $1000 for them doing NOTHING with the difference that the "new package" was with Author Solutions, without me being advised. A similar "super-duper" presentation for Frankfurt Book Fair - $4500! - the whole shebang, results - none!

Not even marketing! That was Author Solutions all over! I withdrew my website to manage, started online marketing(paid-for-click) and here's what happened right after my Campaign was "discovered" by Author Solutions: I had a program for promoting my book, linking my Facebook sites and the book website to the paid program, and gave results for the 1st week, until the Author Solutions found it! All my Facebook sites were overloaded with rubbish covering my posts about the book!

Noticed something going on by the sharp drop of interest in my potential clients! At first noticed the rubbish on the Facebooks (have quite a few snap-shots) and started cleaning it literally chasing them out – did not give good results for long: Author Solutions implanted a “back-sign” on my promotional notice: “Starts in 2030”! Then, the rubbish in all my sites was a non-stop, including some “below the average” inappropriate level. Erased it, recovered the page and started marking my posts to lead to the book.

Next: false hash-tags (#author, #book etc) were taking my readers to completely unrelated and ugly posts compiled by the computer goons of Author Solutions in “lists” completely low-level taste and language. I started posting on my sites about them, the posts they place on my book-website and the other sites. Their cyber crime extended to literally doubling and tripling my posts, erasing some and adding more spam! – on the front and the “back” of pictures, on the back of my sites etc.

I barely had 5-6 visitors with 56/day first 6 days! Author Solutions reached the climax – hijacked my book-website! Literally! Placed their email address for orders and moved the website to their “screen”-company www.victoryhosting, registered in Australia, which, contrary to all International Cyber Regulations, collects the Internet Account numbers of visitors!

Another words, Author Solutions/Xlibris is pocketing from their former clients once we pay them money for “1st class job” they open a local host to take money from our websites and by placing their “collector-address”, erasing our author’s rights they themselves printed on our books and websites! Selling the books, they themselves ruined on a first place, hijacking the book-website and selling under my name but not in my account!! 3 times robbed by the same scoundrel low-lives: once with the “INSTALLMENT PACKAGES payment; then – ruining chances to succeed, selling me 3 Marketing Packages for around $5000 and, finally, running long-term Cyber Crimes against me!!

To finish with 2 facts: after steeling from me (my property), these same computer low-lives hacked into my son’s and my friends’ in the same manner they did into mine, the BlueInk’s website!and the BBB's Using the Internet providers exchange points and the so-called Southern Cross Route – what a “good” use on the National Security communications of USA!

Review about: Xlibris Publishing Service.

Reason of review: hacking in personal computers, "stealing registered intellectual property", "damaging intellectual property", breaking "hardware"(1 computer PC), miss-representing "themselves as the owner of intellectual property", psychologigal damage, health-damage....

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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When I first read one of these kinds of complaints about Author Solutions and Xlbiris, even though I knew these companies are evil I thought maybe the person complaining had scitzophrenia to think that Author Solutions and Xlibris were hacking them.But then I read more and more of these types of complaints.

I read that Author Solutions and Xlibris have ties to the Mafia, and this explains a lot, so now having read so many complaints about them hacking their customers I believe it.

The Mafia are making money with these cyber crimes and this huge multinational vanity self publishing scam.The books launder money for The Mafia in the USA.

Mountain View, California, United States #916944

Lordy lordy and i thought id seen some U.S. companies go to extremes and use some downright trashy illegal tactics and get away with it but never of this magnitude. I am truly sorry for what you went through and for all your losses + suffering.


Not a sign of "civilized" communications - "hard-core" silence from "the top" and daily torture with spams, vulgar daily hacking in my computers, pouring rubbish (including "assisted" offers for "joining Islam" packing solid 300 numbers, connecting my websites with "comments", #tags to revolting comments....NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE I HAVE SEEN SO ARROGANT, IGNORANT, DISGUSTING ***!!!

NEVER! They are "proud" citizens of US, Indiana, Bloomington! I have seen much in my life, but such a scumbags, covered and encouraged by their bosses! That's why they don't have time to do the job, their clients pay them for - they are ruining the previous batch of naive authors!

I have read 2 other exactly the same "Reviews for these low-life hooligans!

Robbed $10,000 by the worst street scammers and not the only one!IS THERE ANYONE TO HELP US?

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