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I received a royalty cheque for an abysmal amount, no where near what it should be. This cheque was submitted to my bank three times. Each time it "bounced". I have contacted Xlibris several times and still cannot get this resolved. I am now worried there is money sitting in sales account which I will never get. I have just had to re-set my pass word to my Xlibris account because I couldn't even access this for a while. I put a glowing report... Read more

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Uneducated, snarky associates and an unnecessarily long print process, overpriced authors copies, and the worst in-house public relations known to man, make thus a publishing company worth avoiding at all costs. Read more

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I published four books with them. I wish I didn't. When I go on to book sales it will not show me how many are sold up to date. Only to 2014. I have asked them and they have said no books sold but i know there is. They told me once how much they owe me but have never sent it. Now they are saying they do not owe anything. I have had nothing but trouble with them regarding mistakes in my books and putting them in for sale before i have said so,... Read more

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So I was twelve years old when I first started writing my first book, my first real story. I was excited when at thirteen I finished it, and ecstatic when I found a self-publishing company like Xlibris. They told me my book and any other book I wrote after it could be published in a lifetime package deal for six hundred dollars. Of course, being a naive child, I believed all the hype and my dad found a way to forward them the money. Fast... Read more

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I don't feel as if they fulfilled the contract and the only tine they call me is to try and get more money from me. I hace to pay for copies of my own book and I never saw my book on Amazon or as stated in the contract.

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I have published five books with Xlibris. They pretty much did what was promised. My problem is the disconnect with process. One group does not know what the other group is doing. Editing was good, coordination marginal. I have been trying to get someone to help me order my own books for weeks to no avail. The Supervisor is out of the office, the person coordinating is unreachable etc. They need a central coordinator who can easily check... Read more

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My mother published her book with Xlibris. Her book was professionally edited and had received several great reviews, among them from Andy Rooney. When she first published, before Xlibris was bought by Author Solutions, she would get some royalties (like $10) She never received an accounting of how many books were sold or the amount of money she actually made. After Author Solutions bought the company, she received one check for $2. Numerous... Read more

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I'll admit that after the first couple of chapters, I knew where we were going but I didn't know how we'd get there. But, the story truly spoke to my heart and my experiences. This book sounded almost as if I could have written a good bit of it. I related to so much of Brandon & Mona's story and I wanted to share. I am positive that Lora will have many readers who are where Brandon & Mona were and that reading her book will bring them to... Read more

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I wouldn't recommend Xlibris Publishing to anyone that I know or got to know because I have had a horrid experience with them they didn't edit my book professionally as they claimed that they would which was a lie. I feel like they don't understand what it is like to be a young adult with more than one disability and a slew of health issues I would recommend that they not take advantage of people who work hard to do what they enjoy! Xlibris... Read more

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I heard s Kenneth Seay wrote a book and it made money but he received nothing. I hear Lightening Source book printers and others did the same thing. I hear Henderson. Moneymaker, McCaffity, Weeks, Walker, Steve, Kim, Bruce, Jimmy, Mayes etc. Got the money. I hear he was lied about, impersonated etc. too. I hear theygot money other ways to.

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