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I need advice xlibris publish my book and I found out there was all kinds of mistakes I can't put it on the market with all the mistakes and also the Mist chapters of my book I was starting to rewrite the book and publisher called me told me not to that Hollywood writer is going to take over and for me to pay so much money for them to pay and they would go ahead and make my book into a movie it is the truth a true story or or is this a scam Read more

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After balancing my checkbook, I noticed there was a charge for the author learning center for two months, a charge I did not authorize. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY PUBLISHING NEEDS. THEY CHARGE YOU FOR SERVICES THAT YOU NEITHER AUTHORIZE NOR NEED TO MARKET YOUR WORK!!!! It is a scam of a business that is run very shabbily!!!!! After they published my work (I had previously been published by two traditional publishers in the past) the print... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 28
  • #962919

I. Just got Royalty payment for 3 years $12. I signed hundreds of books. Author solutions is a rip off

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Come Go With Me is a children book,,, I have my families names in the book, Xlibris publishers took my Family names off the book Make it Good is an Adventure Book...Xlibris Publishers put One story in the book when they should have put my six different stories in my book, then Eugene Hopkins E-mail me and told me to send him all my files and I did and after sending them to him thinking he was going to do the right thing he would contact any... Read more

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They have invaded my privacy continually and are ruthless with calls and e-mails almost daily. Repeated attempts over a two year period to notify them to quit and delete my name and number from their data base have been ignored . After I finally put their number on my "auto reject list," they simply began to leave long messages, many hard to understand because the callers spoke broken English. Can't they see that their aggressive tactics are a... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 01
  • #947417

I came across Xlibris over a year ago messing around considering trying to sell some of my stories. I am STILL getting calls, even though I have sent multiple emails, and answered the phone and told them I am not writing anything currently and I do not wish to use them. I am getting tired of the harassment

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 01
  • #946966

Nothing but assistance, great customer service, always answered my questions. This is not a place to get rich, it is a place to get your book in the world, all i cared about. If there are any misunderstandings it is because you, the author, didn't read the contract or made assumptions that were inaccurate.

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DO NOT PUBLISH YOUR BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY!! I REPEAT DO NOT PUBLISH YOUR BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY!! It's a scam, they are trying to get your money, they will not promote your book, they will try to sell you your own book instead, they are the definition of what I call destiny killers. They will not pay you a dime it's all lies!! They keep all of the money from your book sale to themselves I HATE THIS COMPANY YOU GUYS REALLY HURT ME BY LYING TO... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 22
  • #941583

DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. they are bunch of scammers who are looking to just sell your own book to you. You WILL get published but will never make money with X. libris

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I published a book with Xlibris. They asked me to pay some money for lots of different services. I paid them close to 8000 dollars. In last four years since the book was published, they have called me 100s of times to buy books from them so I can distribute to my friends, etc. I was hoping that they will help sell my book. They do not. I received royalty checks twice only. They want authors to keep paying them. I doubt if they tell me the truth... Read more

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