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poetry from my soul sold 1 copy .i write as braya silver. i made 2.50. the book has been for sale since 2010. i just had a really bad experience with but i did promote my book,and still i made no money. i did not have a good experience with either.avoid these scammy companies if you can. lets put xlibris and out of business!! most people i have talked to are very unhappy with these they are too expensive. nobody has 15 thousand dollars to publish a book nowadays. not me anyway! Read more

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I began talking with a representative of Xlibris US in 2014. I eventually made payment for the cheapest package for my novel. Upgraded in February of 2015. In every conversation I had with Kevin, I was told I had total control of my novels content. The day after I signed the contract, which was a month before my last payment was due, I was e-mailed Submission Guidelines. I immediately stopped payment and asked for a refund. My book contained sexual content that wasn't allowed. My manuscript was never submitted, but I did e-mail the chapter I... Read more

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It took me five years of research, writing and rewriting until it was perfect, this historical novel about WWII in Germany that I self-published with X-LIBRIS in 2001. A few book sales happened, and a few other sales that I knew of (to personal friends who don't lie), I never received royalties because they just didn't show up on their sales reports. By that time, almost in the beginning, they already had another "printer". 10 years later, in 2011, I re-published this work with an affiliate publishing company of Amazon who were also taking... Read more

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If you have given these *** men thieves your credit card, cancel it immediately. They have absolutely no morals and no scrupples and won't honor any agreements with you about anything, they will only scam you for as much as possible and cannot be trusted with your credit card imfo. If you have given them your credit card details cancel immediately before they steal any more money from you, don't take their word that they won't steal more. Xlibris Publishing stole money out of my account They go into your account when there not supposed to and... Read more

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Xlbiris scam has been ripping my mother off since she published her book in 2007. They have failed to, or intentionally have not, accurately tracked her online sales at Amazon which I can see for myself exist on novelrank. My mother "published" two books at once with the Xlibris scam. I cannot find out what is going on with my mother's books, her copyright, or any money she earned. The only calls and emails we get (periodically) - - are to try and sell new "products." Where are my mother's rights? Where are Her royalties for the books in... Read more

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