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  • May 20
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Paid over $6000 for their marketing, which was very insufficient. Save your money and get your own marketing person. You will get more bang for uour buck. Add comment

The sales reps are very convincing. Unfortunately, absolutely NO editing with the book copy was done by Xlibris.I ended up doing the editing myself and had another three others edit the copy, as well. There were many spelling and punctuation errors which should have been located and changed by Xlibris editors if they did in fact edit the copy. But, given there were no editing changes, there is no way that anyone bothered to even read the copy.... Read more

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I published my book G.R.A.I.L. with Xlibris in 2004. In the first six months I received a royalty check for around $25. That was the only payment. Our contractual agreement was that Xlibris share of revenues was 80% and mine was 20%. During the last 10 years I've purchased my own book (as new) through various sellers on Amazon (that all claim to have multiple new copies. I've had several friends in Europe purchase the book through Amazon's UK... Read more

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I published two children's books with Xlibris. I told them to be striaght up with me on how much it would cost. Repeatedly they told me that by paying $900 they would get my books for sale all over the country in Barnes and Nobles. It seemed too good to be true and it was. As soon as I got the first copies of my book, a guy called me and told me that I would have to pay $6,000 to get my books into book stores. They did go for sale on Amazon and... Read more

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  • May 01
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This company is by far the most unprofessional company imaginable. The representative Jayson Payo is by far the worst and totally harrassed me by calling, hanging up and calling again. This was all before signing any contracts. Please do not do business with this company. Totally dissatisfied! !! Add comment

Hello there! Candidly, Government should investigate this Company, and close them down. Very fraudulent, and I will simply call them mob or gang star. My royalty was not paid even while the book still sells on Amazon, Barns and Nobles, and other book stores. The royalty paid since the book was published in 2009 was less than $50.00. The Company also collected $1,500.00 for the book to be enlisted with the Library of Congress, and $3,000.00 for... Read more

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This company is a rip off.. SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND MONEY and go elsewhere..You will get excellent customer service up until they get your money after that reaching someone is IMPOSSIBLE.. they dont respond to emails or return calls at this point I vowed to spent a good amount of time making sure that every artist (writer) I know does NOT use these people.. Please dont be fooled be by the initial customer service you receive that is what they do... Read more

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It is now more than three years since I first in all good faith signed a contract with XLIBRIS to publish my book and then a year later (still I was a fool--You know "some of the people "all of the time.") Well, must include me now. The books are excellent and on websites all over the world. It would seem that some money would trickle down to me. I have had numerous phone conversation as well as e-mail contact. mostly with giggling young... Read more

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Xlibris advertises that books are available for sale at 80,000 or so outlets, which is probably true, but don't try to have a book signing at any of them unless you pay dearly for the privilege. Xlibris restricts the book sellers ability to return any unsold copies for credit, and therefore Barnes & Noble et al will not stock any for sale, nor will they allow book signings in their store. My response from Xlibris was "If you pay $400 we will... Read more

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I signed up to self publish with Xlibris. I also paid an extraordinary amount of money to have their illustrators produce illustrations to my book, given my descriptions. This was such a stressful and exhausting process for me, especially since the company repeatedly failed to pay attention to my descriptions for the illustrations, to the point where the characters didn't even look the same throughout the book. They tried charging me fees to go... Read more

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